Are adultery websites destroying Christian values

relationship-questionAre adultery websites destroying Christian values?

The rise of adultery websites in recent years has been worrying on many levels, and particularly given the brazen self-publicity that a number of high profile websites have been indulging in of late. Adultery has always been with us, and it is always a great sadness to see the hurt that comes to families when someone betrays their marriage vows, but is it fair to say that this more modern phenomenon is destroying Christian values? US Christian dating website think so.

They are certainly making it easier for people who are already inclined to stray to find willing partners. Dating and introduction sites have historically always had their fair share of married people using them, but there was always an air of disapproval by single people using them, just as there is on the more traditional dating scene. Now though these adultery sites are making a virtue in their own eyes of their selfishness, even going so far as to cite Free Speech as an important platform of their struggle for acceptance.

The problem seems to be not so much that the sites are destroying Christian values, but that they are a symptom of a widespread moral faltering in our society. The reasons for this moral failure can be cited very easily when we think about the hyper-sexualised nature of today’s media, but this always seems to smack of excuses to me. No one, not even the devil, can make us commit adultery. The responsibility for the adultery, and by extension the failure to live up to Christian values, lies with the adulterer and the adulterer alone.

Hebrews 13:4 tells us that “God will judge the person who commits adultery”, leaving us with the challenge of how to forgive the sin against us. Infidelity by one partner against another is perhaps one of the most painful situations that a couple can be faced with, and it’s why St Paul stresses the need for both husbands and wives to be responsible for fulfilling each other sexually (1 Cor. 7:3).

Adultery websites are another form of temptation put in our paths, but they are no more dangerous to a loving and committed Christian couple than any other form of temptation. To say therefore that they are destroying Christian values is something of an exaggeration. This does not mean however that they are something that we can ignore or condone. As Christians we have a responsibility to stand up and be counted and to point out the things that are wrong in the world. Adultery websites such as certainly count in that regard but isnt everyone free to make their own decisions in life?

Singles dating-free tips exposed

Let me just tell you this up front, the counsel that I will be giving out, if taken seriously, has never failed before. and it is a basic principle in life. The clandestine of singles dating is a distinct principle that summarizes a whole lot of branches, a whole lot of tips and a whole lot of end results. it is pleasure.

Just think of what is delightful. Dating is supposed to be fun. whether it be a single date or a multitude leading to something sex tonight more meaningful, you should enjoy it. Go out with someone you like. You can like them for their physical appearance, intellect or personality. it all depends on what is enjoyable for you.

Make it pleasurable for your date as well. Although it is called singles dating, it is not for a single person. both of you should feel blissful about the date, that is the secret of it. If you give out pleasure find men pleasure will come back to you. for example, give your date a good time and you’ll be rewarded with a kiss. see it works both ways.

Plan ahead – it is good to be prepared for a date to avoid those awkward silences. But here’s a trick, on those silences, look her in the eye. Admire your date and the awkwardness will just dissipate. You can start with a simple dinner date. Go out for a movie. Or you can think of something creative women dating such as sky diving. that will definitely blow your dates mind off. But do not think that you would have to go extremes to make a date good. it is all how you work pleasure.Leave place for spontaneity – although it is wise to plan singles dating your schema for the night, a little space for creativity is best. You can learn more about each other and see what is gratifying for you.

Hygiene – be sure to bathe and brush your teeth. Wear a fresh set of cloths. and it would be very nice to use your good cologne for the special night. Smelling good would make your date snuggle up to you and facilitate pleasure.

Distant future looks bright

Canopus Star Shining brightCanopus photographed from the International Space Station in 2003. Photo: NASA

The ‘great star of the south’ was once the most luminous in our sky. Slowly and surely, in about 480,000 years, it will be again.

HERE’S an undeniable truth: you will find the brightest stars south of the celestial equator. we hear and read more about northern stars because most citizens of planet Earth live in the northern hemisphere.

We really do hold all the jewels though and here’s the story of the ”great star of the south”, Canopus.

The name comes from the Greek . Throughout the centuries it has morphed into its current handle as Canopus. It’s named in honour of the chief pilot of King Menelaus, guiding the Greek fleet to Troy for the well-known social bash. it clears the horizon by just a few degrees in the southern Mediterranean and is just visible at sunset during March in places such as Los Angeles, Gibraltar and Tokyo.

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Today it still helps with navigation, helping interplanetary probes arrive at their correct destinations as they use Canopus as a guide star.

From southern Victoria, including Melbourne, it is ”circumpolar”, meaning it never sets below the horizon. in March at sunset it is at its highest position for us, shining with a strong creamy-white hue, some 75 degrees up from the southern horizon. Conversely, six months from now, in September, it will be at its lowest point in the sky, teasingly flirting with the horizon without consummating the relationship.

Canopus is unmistakable, as only Sirius outshines it. but this has not always been the case. until about 90,000 years ago, Canopus was the brightest star in Earth’s night sky but Sirius, in its orbit around the galaxy, drew closer to us and hence unseated Canopus from the coveted pole position. However, in another 480,000 years it will once again be numero uno, as Sirius’s orbit takes it away from us.

Canopus is an F-type supergiant about 310 light years from the solar system. it is the most luminous object within a radius of 700 light years. it has a diameter that is 65 times larger than the sun’s and shines with an astonishing 13,600 times the luminosity of it.

In fiction, you’ll find it in Frank Herbert’s Dune, where the planet Arrakis is the third planet in orbit around Canopus. You can find it for real if you look high in the south tonight.

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