Is a long distance relationship for you?

You know the story. Boy meets girl, boy moves to another city, they continue their relationship and eventually are reunited and live happily ever after. This is how the movies would have you see long distance relationships. The sad reality is long distance relationships often fail within the first six months. To avoid being left heart broken, read on for tips and advice on keeping long distance relationships alive.

The trouble with long distance relationships is you often end up brushing the bad parts under the carpet to make the best of the time you have together. Or even worse you don’t get to experience the other persons little habits that will end up irritating you. No this might sound wonderful. But all those little clues are the thing we use to build up our complete idea about a person. By putting those judgements off until later you could find things come to ahead and burst very quickly. It’s also hard to experience the everyday life with the other person. Trips to see each other are often like mini holidays and feel wonderful but skype calls and emails rarely let you just be with the other person and build a full bond.


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Without trying to sound down on all long distance relationships. You do need to be extra sure that this is what you want and your partner is equally committed to making it work. Try making a list of the good and the bad. What do they do that annoys you and how will this affect your relationship as the stresses and strains are exaggerated by the strain of making a long distance relationship work.If you are not certain its what you voth want, the relationship is doomed from the start. This is especially true if you are both young. Young people tend to move on pretty quickly when they are seperated.

A quick text to say “I love you” or a Facebook message, it all help to keep the romance alive. With so many ways to keep in touch, be it social media, Skype, text or email, keeping in touch doesn’t take much time but helps keep that spark alive. Sometimes communication in a long distance relationship can feel a little awkward. Things are condensed into phone calls or skype dates and if you’re in different countries your terms of reference might be different. If you don’t have long to speak and you find it hard to remember everything true making little notes of things that have happened. You’re not giving a speech but remember you might not have time to mention something later. Sending each other messages during the day can be a nice way to keep each other up to date about what’s going on. You need to find your own way of doing it though some people may not appreciate updates every 5 minutes, others may do.

Make time for the relationship and perhaps put in more time than you usually would but remember you also need to enjoy your own life. You can’t spend it always waiting for the next call or with it buried in a text message. If you feel like you need to be attached at the hip perhaps a long distance thing isn’t for you. In the end it won’t be healthy for either of you. Enjoy yourself and have fun together but don’t drop everything else to try and make things work.